Commercial acceptance for Bamboo Snow requires a public knowledge base of accurate an verified research. This is the job of academia.

The Bamboo Snow Institute is a research facility that encourages and supports academic inquiry into the properties of Bamboo Snow.

Research is focussed on two separate areas:

1. Demand -

All attributes of Bamboo Snow should be measured and explained:

The domain of materials Science
  • how much organic matter can it absorb?
  • How much does it distort Boyle’s Law for various gasses
  • Freeze drying and desiccation
  • soil and compost uses
  • fire control uses
  • pozzolonic activity with organic binders
  • fire suppression with mineral binders
The domain of Public health
  • bacterial control
  • desiccating household organic waste
  • composting household organic waste
  • epidemic surveys and research

2. Supply -

  • dinoderus minutis bioogy
  • biochemical analysis and explanation of underlying mechanisms
  • bamboo species suitability
  • extending and improving harvest

The Mission of the institute is to promote and fund research that leads to publication in refereed journals. The funds will be solicited via suitable crowdfunding sites. Funds will be disbursed by the Institute following some third-party/boardOfDirectors/crowdfunding formula.