What would you do if you found something that might improve peoples lives, permanantly and world-wide? Maybe not as important as electricity, but likely as important as flush toilets?

That is my opportunity with Bamboo Snow -- A substance that straddles the fine line between organic and inorganic. It has possible uses from personal cleaning to industrial filtering to bedding and clothing.

But, if even a tiny portion of these benefits are worthy of industry, the use for bamboo snow will grow -- hopefully fast and wild.

Would you pick a "can't miss" product to make? Pour money into it? Knowing that all the other uses would need to be kept secret? After all, the only protection possible is "Trade Secret."

I choose to believe in a higher wisdom: It isn't useful until it is out there. Like Ubuntu: everyone benefits. Teach mankind another way to benefit each other.

This site is dedicated to informing everyone of the latest information about Bamboo Snow:

  1. The Science behind Bamboo Snow's unique properties
  2. The uses and business potentials of Bamboo Snow.
  3. The marketplace for producers, entrepreneurs and consumers.