• Bamboo Jim

    1. put sifted bamboo snow into a semi-porous bag.
    2. tap bag on any hard, smooth surface to release bamboo snow.
    3. Wipe the surface with the bag -- The bamboo snow powder sucks up grease, oil and wetness.

    Bamboo Snow will not scratch even the softest plastics.

    Steal My Business!!!

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  • Bamboo Jim

    What would you do if you found something that might improve peoples lives, permanantly and world-wide? Maybe not as important as electricity, but likely as important as flush toilets?

    That is my opportunity with Bamboo Snow -- A substance that straddles the fine line between organic and inorganic. It has possible uses from personal cleaning to industrial filtering to bedding and clothing.

    But, if even a tiny portion of these benefits are worthy of industry, the use for bamboo snow will grow -- hopefully fast and wild.

    Would you pick a "can't miss" product to make? Pour money into it? Knowing that all the other uses would need to be kept secret? After all, the only protection possible is "Trade Secret."

    I choose to believe in a higher wisdom: It isn't useful until it is out there. Like Ubuntu: everyone benefits. Teach mankind another way to benefit each other.

    This site is dedicated to informing everyone of the latest information about Bamboo Snow:

    1. The Science behind Bamboo Snow's unique properties
    2. The uses and business potentials of Bamboo Snow.
    3. The marketplace for producers, entrepreneurs and consumers.

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  • Bamboo Jim

    Bamboo Can Do, LLC is the world's first producer of Bamboo Snow. The snow is made naturally from wild bamboo on the Tropic Pacific island of historic Saipan.

    Saipan is famous for fabulous sunsets, great snorkeling and scuba diving, and now as the first commercial source of Golden Bamboo Snow.

    A six ounce bag of pure sifted bamboo snow costs $10 with $5 shipping worldwide.


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  • Bamboo Jim

    Commercial acceptance for Bamboo Snow requires a public knowledge base of accurate an verified research. This is the job of academia.

    The Bamboo Snow Institute is a research facility that encourages and supports academic inquiry into the properties of Bamboo Snow.

    Research is focussed on two separate areas:

    1. Demand -

    All attributes of Bamboo Snow should be measured and explained:

    The domain of materials Science
    • how much organic matter can it absorb?
    • How much does it distort Boyle’s Law for various gasses
    • Freeze drying and desiccation
    • soil and compost uses
    • fire control uses
    • pozzolonic activity with organic binders
    • fire suppression with mineral binders
    The domain of Public health
    • bacterial control
    • desiccating household organic waste
    • composting household organic waste
    • epidemic surveys and research

    2. Supply -

    • dinoderus minutis bioogy
    • biochemical analysis and explanation of underlying mechanisms
    • bamboo species suitability
    • extending and improving harvest

    The Mission of the institute is to promote and fund research that leads to publication in refereed journals. The funds will be solicited via suitable crowdfunding sites. Funds will be disbursed by the Institute following some third-party/boardOfDirectors/crowdfunding formula.

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  • Bamboo Jim

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